Building Ray Kendrick's Multihull designs

Yendys Queensland Pty Ltd builds multihull boats. We have build a number of Ray's boats over the years. We hope that the information and the pictures of these boats will help the homebuilder with their own projects.

Ray develops his designs using the latest CAD drawing techniques. The plans are professional-quality and easy to understand. The panels are accurate so all the pieces fit together. Even though the designs and materials are modern, the techniques we use can be duplicated with minimum fuss by the average home-builder. All of his boats can be made with minimum tools and experience including the beams.
Some of the builders have used catamaran rigs, cutting down the cost. We want to get the builder out on the water with a boat that he will be proud of and one that can compete with anything in its class.
We believe building a boat should be a labour of love without adding any more stress than necessary to the job.

Boats we are working on at the moment

Scarab 670
Scarab 670 folding trimaran at Gary's Anchorage, Fraser Island.

Scarab 18
Scarab 18 folding trimaran

See the Team Scarab site if you are interested in any of these designs.