Fran Sneesby

Fran Sneesby lives in S.E. Queensland building multihulls for Yendys Boats Queensland.

27 June 2017

It's been a while since I wrote anything here. The floats are pretty much finished just need to fill, sand and prime them. Tomorrow will go and pick up some plywood to build the centreboard and rudder blade. The main hull is ready to turn over.

Scarab 16

Scarab 16

Scarab 16

28 March 2017

After the fire I have had plenty of time to think. In January I said the 16 would be a day-sailor with a cuddy cabin. I now want to build an off the beach trimaran (more like a skiff). Rounded bilge, dagger board in the main hull and different folding system (like the Scarab 18). The boat will be basically the same as the original Scarab 16 so if anyone wants to build a boat like this off-sets can be supplied.

The new supplies arrived last week and now I can start. It will be a while until we have a new shed so the building will happen wherever we can fit it in.
The supplier was out of Gurit foam so there was a wait and all we could access was foam manufactured for vaccum bagging with many small holes all over. We fixed this by joining the panels to the appropriate length and wiping a thin layer of resin and aerosil to block the holes. Then applied the glass and peel ply. When the panel was turned there was very little bleed through. Panel was then laminated on the other side.
The panels were lofted and screwed on the building frame. Note the temporary bulkheads on the building frame are rounded to create a round bilge.

Scarab 16

Scarab 16

22 February 2017

Bought the materials for the new boat and started. Built the building frame and laminated some of the panels when we had a fire that completely destroyed the shed and all the contents. There were two 12' boats completed, the Scarab 350, and a Scarab 650 ready to paint. To feel better we went shopping yesterday to buy tools to replace some of those destroyed. On Monday I will move operations to a new location and begin again. Still have our health and nobody was hurt. Our neighbours were true heroes during the fire and helped save the house. The fire department, ambulance and police were wonderful in their support. I will need a little time to start posting pictures of the new boat but we are both in good spirits. I will call this boat the Phoenix as it will rise from the ashes.



30 January 2017

It is still hot here, too hot to laminate panels. I have decided to build a Scarab 16. It will be a day-sailor with a cuddy cabin, round bilge with a similar folding system to the Scarab 18, dagger centreboard in the main hull, and pivoting rudder. The supplies have arrived and calling to me from the shed. Can't wait to get started. The boat will be built using foam laminated panels. Our supplier couldn't supply Klegecell so I will be using Gurit PVC D80 (10mm thick) instead. It looks to be high quality but sheets are smaller than Klegecell. Hope I ordered enough. Hopefully the weather will change in the next week.

15 January 2017

Happy new year and I hope you are as excited about the year as I am.

It is now 38 degrees (100) in the old scale. Too hot to stay long in the shed laminating. So I am having a forced holiday. Feels pretty good though.
Last year was very busy with mostly small jobs.
We developed beams for the Scarab 12 that fold and allow for a wider beam. We launched the first of these boats at Hervey Bay, Queensland over the holidays and the new owner was well pleased. We have another one that is ready to go soon just needs a rig.

Ray's Scarab 32 is progressing well and will have pictures soon.
I have a couple of new projects this year and will talk about them soon.